How L&D can create value: Leveraging technologies to organisational advantage

The L&D industry has seen decades of new technologies arrive, all heralding the potential to transform the way we offer learning opportunities and optimise performance. From the internet and mobile technologies to social media and virtual and augmented learning, new technology has created incredible opportunities for L&D.

While digital use is definitely on the rise, with our research showing that 48% of L&D professionals have reported a net increase in digital learning solutions over a 12-month period, no single technology has truly dislodged the main form of L&D intervention – face-to-face programmes and initiatives.

However, since gathering our data, generative AI and large language models have burst onto the scene. With a low barrier to entry, generative AI, the fastest adopted technology in history, is now showering individuals and organisations with new opportunities to enhance our digital experiences, communication and creativity.

So, how do we respond to this new era of generative AI? And how do we harness these new tools to drive better business value without becoming overwhelmed in the process?

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