Tool 3 – Communication Plan Launch

The third tool in our Emerging Stronger toolkit is one to help you get smarter at getting the message out and getting your message heard!

Marketing and L&D is a hot topic right now, and rightly so. For too long we’ve expected our services just to be found and our recommendations listened to. 

Principle: communicate, communicate, communicate!

It’s not useful to adapt your learning offering to specific performance needs and then just hope that people will find it. For your programme to be genuinely useful and relevant your audiences need to know about it. That means you need to communicate!

Communicate why this is useful & worth their time

Communicate how they can get started and involved

Communicate to harness the influence of stakeholders

The latest Mind Tools for Business benchmark shows that high performing teams do not leave this to chance. Compared to those in the bottom quartile of the Organisational Learning Index (OLI) they are 3x as likely to be building their marketing skills as well as their learning skills.

They communicate with intent.

Getting started

You’ve invested your time and budget in a new programme and initiative – so it’s important that it starts well.

Which means you need a plan and Shannon Tipton, as part of the Emerging Stronger team has created this plan to help you launch your programme successfully.

Your communication plan should not be an add on. You should be planning ahead and thinking about how to communicate:

  • prior to program development (part of the program kick-off)
  • as part of program creation and
  • prior to program launch

Download and use this tool to help you

  • Educate your audience
  • Motivate your audience
  • Keep momentum
  • Plan what communication tools to use
  • Plan your follow up messages

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* The Communication Plan Launch Tool was created by Shannon Tipton as part of the Emerging Stronger toolkit to help L&D professionals thrive in the ever changing world of work. It was initially published in conjunction with our publishing partner Go1.

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