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A progressive learning leader, focused on adding true value – that’s a Learning Changemaker 

L&D needs to change, and Learning Changemakers are leading the revolution. This is a place for business and learning leaders to come together, share and celebrate in their successes, and collaborate on future advancements. It’s about embracing reform, exploring new ideas, and taking radical action to unlock people potential. Led by Laura Overton, an award-winning Learning Analyst with over 30 years’ experience in the field, we’re here to create true L&D impact, and help others to do the same.

Curious explorers unite!

Breakthrough ideas.

We bring people together through collaboration and partnership. In the overlap, in the friction and connection we create between people, organisations, and ideas, we surface insights, breakthrough ideas to transform the future of learning.

Trusted market insight.

Evidence informed, experience honed. We harness the power of collective wisdom with an approach that is grounded in rigorous research. Specialising in workplace learning, we help L&D professionals drive tangible change, led by the latest industry advancements.

Radical candour.

A challenging spirit, with a caring touch. We’re not afraid to interrogate perceived wisdom, and speak up when things aren’t working. We always say what we think, and encourage others to do the same, because in a culture of honesty and sharing, fresh ideas are born.

Changemaking together.

The challenges facing L&D can seem insurmountable alone, but together Learning Changemakers are strong. Working open-mindedly, and making room for everyone at the table, we draw on each other’s strengths to create true organisational value and move forward in the right way.

How Changemakers work.

Learning Changemakers are inspired by the Ashoka Changemaker movement.

Ashoka believe everyone is a changemaker, and anyone can take action to solve a social problem in their community. We believe that their principles work for Learning Changemakers too! …

Learning Changemakers live and breathe their impact. We empathise with business leaders and the challenges they face, working collectively to tackle them head on. 

Problem spotted, we get to work, shaping a future vision and creating an action path towards the right solution.  

By forming the right partnerships, asking the right questions, and fostering collaboration, we encourage the connections that will drive the future of L&D. 

Agile, open to experiments, and always taking risks. Changemakers thrive outside the comfort zone, because that’s where the freshest ideas lie. 

We are a collective, not an individual. Building communities and forging connections within organisations and outside them helps us discover more.

Evidence informed insight, strategic decision making. We work consistently to inspire progress, because change is about action and the time to change is now. 


About Laura.

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Our approach. 

Observing complexity and nuance
Investigating fresh ideas
Focusing on the task at hand
Delivering business impact
Powering the future of L&D

Areas of focus

How we can help.

Research & writing

Research is at the heart of what we do. If you’re interested in collaborating on an exciting new project, we’re ready to discover.

Speaking & facilitating

If you’re looking to book a speaker for your organisation, our explorative keynote sessions and workshops are sure to engage your people and generate new ideas.

Strategic insights

Do you need to sense check your new plans and ambitions? We offer a professional sounding board service to help you move forwards with confidence.


Helpful resources.

The latest L&D insights, current perspectives on future challenges, and industry-leading research. In our resources section, we’ve curated some of the key developments in the landscape of workplace L&D, alongside a host of helpful tools to fuel your own thinking, and help you discover a new lens for organisational challenges.

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