Speaking & Facilitating

Developing L&D curiosity, together.

Our bespoke conference keynotes, exhibition talks, webinars and workshops are your opportunity to bring the outside in and explore together the ideas that will transform workplace L&D.

Starting the conversation, inspiring your people.

Laura Overton is a renowned and experienced speaker and facilitator, with over 30 years’ experience facilitating engaging and explorative conversations with a diverse range of organisations.
Celebrating the collective wisdom of our participants, our guided sessions provide a voyage of discovery. You’ll explore the latest research and always have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with one of the industry’s leading thinkers and with each other. By working collaboratively with you and your people, we’ll focus on the things that really matter to your audience and your business in order to deliver true impact.

What can we discuss?

  • Modernising L&D strategy and planning.
  • Building L&D capability.
  • Shaping progressive L&D thinking habits.
  • Influencing organisational learning culture.
  • Engaging managers and learning.
  • Harnessing technology.
  • Accelerating L&D maturity.
  • L&D benchmarking.
  • Living, breathing and delivering business impact.
  • Rethinking L&D’s relationship with data.
  • And much more!
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Speaking & Facilitating

A safe space to explore your workplace L&D.

Our keynote presentations aren’t lectures; they’re conversations. Together, we’ll swap ideas, engage in the latest thinking, and explore your workplace L&D strategy with the future in mind. Curious explorers at heart, we centre our approach on you, your audience, your needs, and your organisation. We believe that by connecting and collaborating, we’ll generate the bright ideas that will drive true business impact. Ready to invite a Leaning Changemaker into your midst? Book an event today! 

  • Laura Overton is a rare find as far as keynote speakers go - a voracious researcher who is so eloquent in her delivery of what could be complex findings, it's almost poetic. Laura has the ability to distil and discern insights into workplace leaning that are of tremendous value to both industry practitioners and perhaps more importantly, business itself. We were lucky to have her present at EduTech 2023 in Melbourne, Australia - an event I was co-charing. Laura, as the opening speaker had the joint responsibility of opening the workplace learning stream and setting the standard - she did not disappoint! Thank you, Laura for your fantastic session and also thank you for your tremendous contribution to L&D over the many years you have been a key voice. I look forward to many more events in the future.

    Charles Masuku, Co-founger Emergent Learning

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How we can help.

Research & writing

Research is at the heart of what we do. If you’re interested in collaborating on an exciting new project, we’re ready to discover.

Strategic insights

Do you need to sense check your new plans and ambitions? We offer a professional sounding board service to help you move forwards with confidence.


Helpful resources.

The latest L&D insights, current perspectives on future challenges, and industry-leading research. In our resources section, we’ve curated some of the key developments in the landscape of workplace L&D, alongside a host of helpful tools to fuel your own thinking, and help you discover a new lens for organisational challenges.

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