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Collaboration is essential to Learning Changemakers. We work with individuals and businesses worldwide to innovate for the future of L&D.

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Learning Changemakers is a destination for L&D research, and a hub for industry connections. We’re interested in exploring ideas collaboratively with others, because we believe the best discoveries are formed by multiple perspectives. Open-minded, fearless, and radically candid, we work compassionately with everyone from line managers to learning leaders and L&D researchers to achieve radical transformation in our field.

Speexx Exchange.

Speexx logoThe Speech Exchange is part of OEB, the annual global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training. It’s the digital learning event for HR and L&D: an incredible melting pot of ideas, connections, and perspectives, and for over a decade, Laura Overton has had the joy of hosting it. She has been shaping new ways of doing conferences. Leaning into the wisdom of the crowd, collaborating with contributors and participants, celebrating unique voices.

And now in its third year, the event is completely hybrid. Laura collaborates with Jo Cook, Director Lightbulb Moment, combining her incredible skills and experience running virtual events, to make this a unique experience for the audience live and online.

The essence of the collaboration is when you come together, trust each other’s skills and let go of pre-conceptions, then something new comes about: new ways of doing conferences, new ways of connecting and engaging your audience.

Emerging Stronger Alliance.

This key partnership between Laura Overton, Michelle Ockers and Shannon Tipton was established in the heart of the pandemic. During Michelle’s Learning Uncut Emergent Podcast Series, they created tools to empower L&D professionals to take the BOLD action needed to positively impact business.

Laura and her partners developed four new lenses for exploring the opportunities arising from recent global disruption: data, technology, community, and experimentation. The result? Learning leaders have a framework through which to explore and overcome these challenges, drive business impact, and emerge stronger.

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The latest L&D insights, current perspectives on future challenges, and industry-leading research. In our resources section, we’ve curated some of the key developments in the landscape of workplace L&D, alongside a host of helpful tools to fuel your own thinking, and help you discover a new lens for organisational challenges.

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