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This is the site for Learning Changemakers, those individuals who are are not afraid to pursue bold visions and take radical action to spearhead change in the workplace. Led by Laura Overton, this is the hub for progressive business leaders and learning experts who want to sharpen their skills, refine their approaches, and achieve tangible change.

Here you will find insight and inspiration informed by decades working at the forefront of L&D research. Driving new levels of organisational value, it is the work of innovative Learning Changemakers who are transforming workplace learning for the better. They can come from anywhere – from management, supply, marketing, technology, and HR. Are you ready to step up?

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Research is at the heart of what we do. If you’re interested in collaborating on an exciting new project, we’re ready to discover.

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Do you need to sense check your new plans and ambitions? We offer a professional sounding board service to help you move forwards with confidence.

Featured resource

Linking Learning to Business Report

This evergreen study was Laura’s first exploration into uncovering how learning innovation delivers business impact. It was one of the first industry studies to involve the voice of the learner, exploring learning from their context and needs.

This early research and analysis looks at how successful organisations built a learning strategy that delivers results by

  • Creating firm foundations and understanding learners
  • Leveraging manager influence and engagement
  • Prioritising holistic learning
  • Measuring success and winning hearts and minds

This study was conducted at a time where the word elearning meant something very different from today! Yet the distilled wisdom boxes throughout this report highlight essential ideas that have now become a necessity rather than a nice to know for anyone interested in improving business impact through learning innovation.

Linking Learning to Business was the foundation report that led to the 15 year Towards Maturity Study that now underpins the Mind Tools for Business Learning and Performance Benchmark.

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A collection of in-depth white papers, thoughts and observations, and future L&D trends. Discover our diverse selection of tools and resources and stay up-to-date with current thinking. These are resources for you to work with, challenge and explore with your community.

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