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L&D research support to explore the future of learning.

If you have a big vision about the future of workplace learning, and want to commission independent insights from a leading L&D analyst, we can work with you to develop your ideas.

Develop your research project with an award-winning L&D thinker.

Rigorous research is at the heart of Learning Changemakers. Informed by evidence and attuned to the latest developments in the changing workplace landscape, we achieve the breakthrough moments sure to transform the future of workplace learning. If you have a research programme in mind and are open to independent thinking we can help you apply a different lens and refine your ideas. We’re also interested in collaborating on the right research projects; the projects that put autonomy and creative freedom front and centre. Ready to look beyond what you already know? Discover our current and future thinking.

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Learning Changemakers is a hub for some of the most exciting thinkers in the L&D landscape. If you’re conducting an exciting new research project and are looking for a second pair of eyes, we’re ready to collaborate. Honed by 30 years’ experience research analysis, we’re always ready to have our eyes opened, and our curiosity ignited. If you’re looking for a new discovery, Learning Changemakers is where breakthrough moments are made. 

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If you’re looking to book a speaker for your organisation, our explorative keynote sessions and workshops are sure to engage your people and generate new ideas.

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Do you need to sense check your new plans and ambitions? We offer a professional sounding board service to help you move forwards with confidence.


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The latest L&D insights, current perspectives on future challenges, and industry-leading research. In our resources section, we’ve curated some of the key developments in the landscape of workplace L&D, alongside a host of helpful tools to fuel your own thinking, and help you discover a new lens for organisational challenges.

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