5 new thinking habits for a smarter, stronger L&D

As L&D professionals, we take great joy in exploring the role of cognition and thinking in supporting behaviour change. Metacognition (the awareness and understanding of our own thought process) is increasingly becoming part of an educator’s DNA.

But how often do we examine our own thinking habits?

In the past we didn’t need to; they have served us well. However, whilst these habits in themselves are not right or wrong, some may serve us better than others in times of fundamental change.

This ebook explores 5 L&D thinking habits that I have observed in my research over the years and surfaced again during the Emergent podcast interviews from Learning Uncut conducted during Covid.

 A definition:

In this eBook we define thinking habits as the persistent perspectives and settled tendencies that influence the way we think about our professional world of L&D work.

Download this resource to explore how you think about:

  • your value 
  • your role
  • your relationship with others
  • your view on timescales
  • risk and innovation

There is never a bad time to challenge our thinking habits. They influence our feelings, our behaviour, our results, and our reputation.

In this ebook I have not labelled any thinking habits as bad. Instead, I have explored ideas to help examine our go-to approaches, recognising that some will equip us better to harness disruption to improve business value and emerge stronger.

Typically, which of these thinking habits resonate most with you?

Laura Overton

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* 5 new thinking habits for a smarter, stronger L&D was written by Laura Overton. It was initially published in conjunction with our publishing partner Go1.

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